Sunday, July 30, 2006

What I'm Reading -- The Big Happy by Scott Mebus

This is Mebus’ follow up to his debut novel Booty Nomad. It seems like the lad-lit moniker is already retired, but that is what Mebus does. Lad-lit attempts to be like Nick Hornby, but ends up creating the guy equivalents to chick-lit. This is actually a good thing because while they tend to be a bit shallow, the best writers of the genre (Mebus, Kyle Smith, Jonathan Tropper) are also very funny and somewhat insightful concerning the world of men.

In The Big Happy, Mebus continues to follow 30-something New Yorker David, who is trying to find his course in life after quitting his job and writing a novel that might not get published. His friends, also carried over from Booty Nomad, are also changing but the hardest on David is the transformation of Annie. David’s best friend has just moved back to NY, but returned with a fiancé who somewhat resembles a rat. David is also thrown off by a waitress he meets while performing as a wedding DJ. So, yeah, it is not the deepest book in the world. Still, while not as funny or enlightening as his debut, Mebus again does a decent job keeping his readers interested.

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