Saturday, November 24, 2007

Aya by by Marguerite Abouet

Type: Contemporary Fiction
Published: Drawn & Quarterly, 2007

Aya is the story of some African teens in 1978 before their area became ravaged by war. The setting and time really carry this story and it is a unique look at Africa. This 19-year old engages in stereotypical teen behavior worrying a lot about boys, but the changes coming to their land put the whole thing in a weird context. A bit of this dragged for me, but it is a solid and subtly presented story.

Ultimate Galactus Vol. 1: Nightmare

Type: Superhero
Published: Marvel Comics, 2005

Okay, so this is a bit old, but I had never read these despite the fact I love the Ultimate Universe and all of the titles (except Ultimate Fantastic Four). In this volume the Ultimates and the X-Men go to Russia to find the source of a communication sent to the whole planet. What they find is Russia's answer to America's program during World War II which created Captain America. Both supergroups find creature after creature that have been lying in wait since the '40s. This is a killer beginning to Ultimate Galactus so I will be reading through the rest of these.

Time to Begin...again

Okay, so I'm back. After I couldn't see things for a while (long story) I was a little busy catching up on life and just couldn't get revved up to blog again. Recently, however, I realized how much I missed it and so I'm jumping back in. I have decided to focus on Graphic Novels of all sorts and will primarily be reviewing those from now on. Thanks and enjoy, Kip.