Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Discovery -- Boards of Canada

This is a band that is completely new to me. Boards of Canada are two Scottish musicians who have released three major label electronica collections since ’98. On Music Has the Right to Children, they use very simple and subtle hip hop beats. On The Campfire Headphase they add some electric guitar, but their signature is still the mid-tempo beats and light scratches. While their music is mostly ambient techno, the subtle combination of trip hop makes for some fun, laid back tunes. Check these guys out at


Rachel said...

I had no idea you weren't familiar with BOC, otherwise I would have burned you some stuff. I really like the track "An Eagle In Your Mind" off Music Has a Right to Children.

Jackie said...

Aw, be careful in admiting your legal activities online, Rach. The man might track you down. They'll probably use your vegetable co-op to pinpoint your location... ;)