Saturday, May 20, 2006

What I'm Reading -- Ordinary Victories

Ordinary Victories is one of the few graphic novels by Manu Larcenet that has been translated from French to English. This is a great GN in the Realistic Fiction genre. Larcenet effortlessly juggles politics, aging, artistic merit and other themes through the lead character, Marc. The 20-something artist is at a crossroads with his parents, his new girl, his art/employment and an ever increasing number of panic attacks. This is basically a coming of age story, except the author throws so much more at Marc than the usual story. Marc is also not that nice of a character, which helps support how real this story feels. The art felt overly bright and cartoony at first, but the further I got the more it seemed to add to the charm. This is a wonderful Graphic Novel from an author I hope will get more of his stuff published in English.

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