Saturday, May 27, 2006

What I'm Reading -- Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper

Jonathan Tropper is a mind reader. At least, that is why I think he fixed everything I did not like about his last book, Book of Joe. In Everything Changes, Tropper follows 32-year old Zack King, a New Yorker, who is engaged to someone he is not sure he wants to marry. As the wedding approaches, Zack finds that he may have cancer, though instead of confiding in his fiancĂ© he becomes even closer to his deceased friend’s widowed wife, Tamara. Add in the fact that Zack’s missing and somewhat psychotic father shows up, the plot sounds a bit crazy. This is a good read, though. Zack is a witty character who is dealing with some serious struggles and is someone worth rooting for. In Book of Joe, Tropper threw some ludicrous plot twists and unrealistic motivations in an otherwise entertaining story of an author who writes an unflattering book about his hometown and then finally returns to face his former friends. In Everything Changes, Tropper puts together an incredibly entertaining and well-written book, avoiding the pitfalls of his earlier works.

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