Sunday, May 21, 2006

Music Review -- Underage Thinking by Teddy Geiger

I was interested to listen to Teddy Geiger’s debut CD, Underage Thinking, after seeing him perform a few times on the short-lived television series Love Monkey (based on the decent novel by Kyle Smith). Teddy basically played himself, a 17-year old singer-songwriter earning his first record contract. He sounded great on the show, but I tried to brace my self for the album, knowing that the label would push an over-produced adult contemporary type sound on Geiger. Sony and their three producers succeeded, but only to a point. Geiger’s strong point is his lyrics and catchy hooks, which drive the album. Some of the tunes get a bit mushy for me, but he is an extremely solid writer and excels on the songs he adds a generous amount of longing. On A Million Years he sings, “On this night we breathe air/What makes it so different/What makes you not care.” Underage Thinking is a good debut with no weak songs, even if it really is just a pop album. This is for those who like John Mayer’s pop side, Gavin DeGraw or even Sting.

2.25 out of 4.00 on the Vin Swanson Scale.

Listening to this feels like when its starts to rain so slowly you can almost point out each drop.


Jackie said...

I don't like his shirt. Because it's dirty? Too calculated? Unrealistically sloppy? Don't know.

Vin Swanson said...

Its not his fault he was painting his room when he realized he needed to pose for his album cover :)

Jackie said...

lol, right.