Friday, January 05, 2007

What I'm Reading -- Playing it Cool by Joaquin Dorfman

This debut novel from Joaquin Dorfman is a good one. 18-year old Sebastian helps his fellow students with their problems, as long as he gets a favor back. As the book opens, Sebastian is helping a young girl who needs an abortion and is ready to introduce a son to his long lost father. Things get quite complicated when Sebastian’s friend’s real father turns out to be an adult version of Sebastian. Sebastian scheme's start to turn his friend against him and could leave him in trouble with the new girl he meets. This is a fun and fast moving story, though readers have to take some logical leaps to follow the plot. The characters are very interesting, especially Sebastian and his friend’s father Dromio. Unfortunately, the end left me wanting more since it did not make a good connection between how Sebastian’s life was affected and changed by the concluding events. Unrealistic plotting aside, Playing it Cool is an enjoyable and interesting debut by Dorfman.

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