Saturday, February 04, 2006

What I'm Reading -- Seconds of Pleasure by Neil LaBute

Writers who attempt to strike a certain point with readers, especially with controversial or edgy topics, often miss their target. This does not diminish the works of creative authors. This is how Neil Labute’s short story collection, Seconds of Pleasure, should be viewed.
Labute, famous for directing movies like In the Company of Men, presents several short stories, many of which are extremely brief. In his movies and plays he mostly focuses his attention on society’s obsession with appearances and what is going on in the minds of men. In Seconds of Pleasure, Labute mainly writes in quick snapshots about sexual deviancy.
A bunch of these stories miss their mark, but the ones that work are extremely enjoyable. Remember, that this is Neil LaBute, so his goal is often to make his readers feel weird and dirty. Read this collection for the brilliant stories that show what odd things people do to support their obsessions.

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