Saturday, February 11, 2006

What I'm Reading -- Graphic Novels

Little White Mouse Vol. 1 by Paul Sizer
This is a great GN. Sizer has created a world in the future where a teen girl is stranded on a space station that does not realize all of its original occupants are dead. The girl then is forced to survive by dealing in a world with its own computer-based rules and logic.

Superman/Batman Vols. 1-3 by Jeph Loeb
The strongpoints of Loeb’s writing are the interactions and thoughts of Superman and Batman as they work together throughout this comic series. Unfortunantley there are quite a few weaknesses, likes Loeb’s messing with the Superman mystique, the insane plot of volume three and the horrible artwork of volume one. Volume Two is about the new Supergirl and is the strongest of the bunch. I still recommend these.
Mary Jane Vol. 2 by Seth McKeever
I know this seems weird, but these are brilliant. McKeever, author of the amazing but underappreciated Sentinel GN, writes about the life of Mary Jane, the crush of Peter Parker/Spiderman, told from the viewpoint of MJ. The greatest thing about these is that all of the surrounding characters of the Spiderman comics are shown as more than stereotypes. McKeever shows us that MJ is more than the girl next door, Flash is more than a jock and Harry Osborne is more than a tortured underachiever with a cranky father. This is great stuff.
Electric Girl by Mike Brennan
I can not read this. I want to because the plot is about a teenager who has electrical powers, a pet dog and an invisible gremlin who hangs on her back. I know it sounds awesome, but I read a couple of chapters and the gremlin is scary and creepy and will give me nightmares for a long time if I read any more of this.


Jackie said...

lol. I have to read both MJ and Electric Girl now. The later if only to see the creepy gremlin. Also, how did you get your images so small?

Paul Sizer said...

Thanks for the review. Glad to hear you dig the book. Look for the LWM OMNIBUS EDITION in stores June 2006!