Saturday, September 06, 2008

Oklahoma City Thunder

I don't usually blog about sports logos and stuff like that since there are already some good blogs out there. However, I'm a little perplexed by the new Oklahoma City Thunder logo. The Thunder are the relocated and re-branded Seattle Supersonics of the NBA. It is such a terrible logo, it looks generic and has very little to do with thunder or weather. I was trying to think of a major league pro team's logo that would be comparable and all I could think of was the Anaheim Ducks re-branding in 2006. At least Anaheim's word mark is slightly interesting and it relates a bit to its mascot.

Except for some of the new NBA Development league teams I can't think of any other logo this plain and out of place. I do think the red-orange color is interesting because they wanted something different than the red of the Oklahoma Sooners and the orange of the the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Anyway, maybe the jerseys will be cool, but this is a disappointing new logo.

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